Thursday, July 29, 2010

Why foster?

A good friend is fostering a dog for the first time. Aaron's soulful eyes, and hard luck, last chance story, spoke to her from across the Internet's. Mary found herself in the place that so many of us who foster dogs find ourselves.

.The place where saying no is not an option.

The chronicle of her foster journey has just begun , but it is a great read.

Check it out Mary writes with depth and heart and soul  and lots and lots of talent.

Mary's foster dog journey  got me to thinking about why I have been involved in dog rescue for over 10 years, and as of late fostering dogs. I don't think I am quite as deep as Mary. For me it is much more basic.

I have a skill that directly correlates to saving dogs. Hard not to use it no?. One might even go so far as to say that I have a gift with animals. It is a gift of patience and understanding, and all three of my kids have it to -- to varying degrees. When my son was 5 years old we were in Florida visiting my parents and Max was mesmerized by the lizards. They would sun themselves around the pool area and when anyone walked close they would scatter behind the shrubs and rocks. When Max walked they followed him. It was the talk of the place for quite some time. That kid can catch just about anything. His father claims it comes from his small amount of Cherokee blood.  He has it with girls to -- animal magnetism .

My middle daughter has a keen eye and can meet a dog and size it accurately and quickly. Her first impressions have never been wrong. Watch out if Hannah doesn't like your dog!

My youngest, is my mini me. She loves all animals, and they love her. She goes over friend's houses and gives training suggestions to parents and kids on play dates. When the surprised Moms and Dads tell me about it, I find I always support her teachings. Maybe she goes a bit heavy on  spins and bows, but Heather is after all only 8 years old.

I know I have been saying this for a while, but after Mango finds her home, I am taking a break from fostering to spend quality time with Charlee. It was been 2 months since her toe tumor erupted and she has been very tolerant of our revolving door, but her soulful looks tell me she needs a break to.

We'll be back.


Mango  will be listed for adoption by next weekend. Lucky for us, she is issue free and has been quite an easy foster.  Easy on the eye to don't you think?


Mary said...

Thank you, Nancy, for your work as a foster mom. It is surely hard work, no doubt. I have great admiration for the way you handle your dogs, and your kids. You're bringing up 3 animal lovers and caretakers. The world really needs this!

Thank you, also, for your mention of the journey we are on...

gooddogz said...

Your welcome Mary, and thank you back.