Thursday, July 22, 2010

Marti found a family

I didn't think I would miss Marti but I do. Of the three pups who arrived nearly 5 weeks ago, she was the one I referred to once as also ran. She wasn't gorgeous like her sister Rosebud, and she was not brain surgeon smart like Evon. She was the also ran, the middle of the pack horse. Had she been the only puppy here, then I am sure we would have lavished a lot more time and attention on her, but as the saying goes, there are only so many hours in the day. Yet of the three pups she turned out to be the easiest one, both for us to care for and for her placement options. Marti is incredibly sweet.

When I first started taking her out and about in the the real world, she didn't much trust me or pay any attention to me and that was frustrating. Lucky for the dog, she did trust and pay attention to my middle daughter and Hannah was a huge help with  her. Hannah named her Marti, and they had a "thing".  I am really proud of my kid.  Loving and letting go.  Not so easy.

Marti is one lucky pup. She started life  born to a feral mother in a junkyard,  where the litter was pluked  by a  caring Mississippi woman who fostered her and  shipped her North where she found a womderful family.

Meet Marti's new family. How can you not smile when you look at this photo?

There is also a baby and a Dad at home. They were only coming to meet her, but it was a mutual match from the get go, so they left with one of my leashes, a "the check is in the mail." and the blessing of my middle daughter. Marti still has a lot of learn about the world, but she is a very quick study.

I am not the only one missing her. Evon is to. Not sure what she will do without her bitey face buddy.

Maybe play with our new foster Mango?

Evon is meeting one of my cousins on Sunday. Wish her luck.
Mango is a two year old Greyhound/Lab/German Shepherd . She is being evaluated to see what kind of home suits her best. She is super sweet.

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MelF said...

Yay Marti! I'm kind of feeling sad for Evon though. She's almost an only child since she's still a pup. I hope Mango will want to play with her.

Martie is one lucky dog! Is that a Sheltie sister I see in the pic? Love those shelties!