Tuesday, August 3, 2010

The fostering of Mango - she is ready for a home

Still giving fostering dogs a lot of thought, still due in part to my friend Mary's journey with Aaron. (See yesterday's post or click Mary's dog blog on the sidebar.)

Currently in our home we have 4 dogs. Our two dogs,Charlee and Finney and two foster dogs Stella (formally Evon) and Mango. Stella has been adopted by my cousin and she is hanging out with us while they get their new condo in order. I am planning a very special Stella blog coming up soon, but I need to get some old photos scanned first. Stella is a lucky dog!

Mango has turned out to be an easier foster than I expected. The info from the Maine rescue was that she blew through a "home" here in Maine pretty much over night, and when I met and evaluated her at the kennel, she was a bit shell shocked, and it was hard to get an accurate read on her. Mango was the first dog ever to spend a few nights in a puppy play pen in our garage. Safety first you know. After she had a few days to chill and after I heard from people who loved her down south, she got moved upstairs. She gets on fine with the three dogs here, although she can play a little rough sometimes.

The thing about Mango that makes her different from our foster dogs of late, is that she clearly has been loved.

So here is the thinking part. For the past year or so, we have had lots of shelter dog in our house. Many of these pups had starts similar to Stella. Unwanted pups who grew up never having known a home, or the love of a family. Mango's case was a bit differnt.  She knew what she was missing. The look she gave me when I closed that garage door was heartbreaking.

Mango  was clearly a loved, treasured family member and as such, returns love to my family. She is an equal opportunity dog and loves us all pretty much equally - a lot. Mango is "not my kind of dog", but it is through no fault of her own. We all love the dog, but she is not our dog. We are partial to the herding breeds over here. If you love Labs and the beauty of a Greyhound she is perfect for you!. Mango is having a photo shoot later this week and when her new glamour shots hit the web, I expect to get overrun with applicants for my sweet, lovable, foster dog. My pictures don't do her justice.

Check out her Petfinder.com listing, http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/16490347  and please pass her info along to your dog loving friends. Her bio says kids over 12, but she has lived with toddlers and for the right family I will  make an exception to this.


Mary said...

Mango is a beautiful dog! Wow! Really delightful, happy, outgoing! Doing a great job with her, Nancy and kids!

Melf said...

Mango looks like a love! I think anyone who gets her will be lucky!

I have to admit, my favorite dogs that I adopted from our shelter were ones that were loved before I got them. Two of the BEST dogs you could ever want. I hope Mango gets as much love back as she gives out.

gooddogz said...

I realized last night while talking to a neighbor that she kind of reminds of the scene in Lady and the Tramp when Lady goes to the pound and the Aunt treats her poorly. When I left Mango in the garage, and now when I crate her at night she looks at me like "Hello, there seems to have been some mistake." Poor sweet thing.