Thursday, July 22, 2010

Can Cave Man TV help kill fleas?

If your reading this, chances are you are having a flea problem. Welcome! After living flea free for the nearly 9 years that I have lived in Maine, I have one to. Like me, I am sure you want to solve this problem without chemicals if possible.

I believe my flea problem started when Frontline Plus stopped doing what it was supposed to. It "may" have still been killing fleas, but not quick enough, and that  allowed them suckers to drop their wittle eggs which then started the nasty cycle. A single flea can lay up to 50 eggs a day and up to 500 eggs in a life time.

No wonder right?

Maine's gorgeous hot and humid summer has brought the fleas out. I am not alone in flea hell, and the local pet stores report their phones are ringing non stop with people lamenting the same thing. Did you know that fleas can survive our  harsh Maine winters, and hatch any time from 1 week to 1 year when the climate is right?

Yikes huh!!

For info on kicking it old school, check Pet Connections flea blog by Christie Keith, Fighting Fleas the Old Fashion Way. Be sure to read the comments to. As you know there is an endless amount of info if you check teh Google.

This flea blog is a bit different.
There is a whole lotta how to's out there. What I wanted to know was why.
Why was my Collie a cicrus for fleas while my other dog and 3 foster pups, who arrived after the fleas, were pretty much a no fly zone?

My doggie friends all shook their heads in sympathy, and suggested that Finney most likely had a lowered immune system. ZOMG! I put him on supplements stat, and spoke to more doggie friends and several Vets. "Well, it could be...." was what they all said.

Why I wondered didn't my nearly 12 year old dog with possible cancer, and a  wound that won't heal, and a pancreas that doesn't work, not have the problem that healthy 4 year old Finney was having, if it was indeed an immune issue? Well they are on different food, but still, it didn't add up to me. I can't cope with the possibility that I have two out of two sick dogs, so my wheels kept on turning and my brain kept on thunkin'. Are fleas like head lice and prefer some over others I wondered?

Finney and Charlee were put on Revolution because it seemed to be working for the foster pups, but I still had the issue of future hatching flea eggs that turn into horrid biting fleas. I still needed bigger  guns for my house and yard.

I narrowed it down to 3.

1,)  Spreading Human grade Diatomaceous Earth - maybe-

2.) Nematodes --maybe. but at close to $100 bucks with shipping, that is a big ouch for something that may or may not work.

3,)  Spray Chemicals --really rather not.

Before I went with the above 3 options, I decided to try home made flea traps first.  I bought super sticky tape and went about setting flea traps both with tape and with soapy water behind a light on the ground because fleas are attracted to heat. As I was setting up it hit me!

I have spent many days and nights watching Cave Man TV (fire pit) and Mr Collie Man loves to bark, as many Collie's do, so he has been leashed right next to me outside ---by the fire---for long stretches of time.

Stay with me.

The fleas are attracted to the fire's heat. Well that explains it.

MY FIRE PIT! Finney had spent quite a bit of time leashed in the yard nest to me at my fabulous fire pit. Fleas were attracted to the heat!! ZOMG someone buy me something, I might as well have just solved world hunger, or at least that is how it seemed that night I devised the

"Nancy flea extermination plan"

Build a fire, put down flea traps.

If you build it they will come.

Tune in soon for part 2 ---The experiments.

About the photo--Who doesn't like yellow peeps roasting by an open fire?  Looks like we're in for some Major mashmellow roasting in the days to come.


Jenny Ruth Yasi said...

Why are you not even considering Sentinel? I just don't get it. It's not toxic. You give your dogs heartworm medication, right? The wormer part is the only toxic part, the flea control (lufenuron) is 100% nontoxic to mammals. It "seems" expensive, because Sentinel costs more than Heartguard, but the annual additional cost is $50 per dog per year, and this helps ensure that a pesticide like Revolution or Capstar or Frontline will still be useful if you need it in ten years.

gooddogz said...

I am considering it, and I am considering advanticks to. What ever makes Charlee happy.
I still don't totally understand why you give them birth control if they are dead. Is it for the few that lay eggs before they croak?