Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Product Review -The Kong Wobbler---yup it's awesome

All dogs should have a Kong Wobbler.
Who wouldn't want a toy that their dog engaged with for a long period's of time? It is well worth the price of about  $20.  Just how much would you pay for happy? I am grateful to Kong for sending me one to review, but seriously, it was already on my must have list.

Looking like a Kong, but acting very much like a weeble, the Kong Wobbler unscrews and you fill it with small bits of goodies. When the dog interacts with the toy, little bits will spill out. We also had a chance to review Kong's Stuff'N IQ Treats Baked Salmon, and the dogs went nuts. I loved these treats so much in fact that I have saved the remaining for a time when I need a super high value treat in highly distracting environments.

Of the 15 toy testers for the Kong Wobbler, all figured it out and enjoyed it short time. They enjoy it so much in fact, that I have to save it for a time when the dogs are solo. Chances for a food guarding incident were just too high. While it may be possible to use with multi dogs, I erred on the side of caution and
unless your multi dogs are totally chill about resourses, you should to.

The first to figure it out and go pretty wild for it was Charlee my 12 year old Border Collie X rescue. Anything that makes my gal happy is all right with me. Charlee also give Kong's new fish treat 4 paws straight off the ground,.Just please make a note that some dogs will put their nose up to smelly fish products.

Making the Kong Wobbler really smelly and enticing  when you first introduce it , is strongly recommened.

I did make the mistake of giving it to a dog outside in my yard and later that day  my 12 year old dog claimed ownership of the Kong Wobbler and used it as a pee  post. Bad girl Charlee! Nothing some Nature's Miracle and a trip through the dish washer didn't make right.


Anonymous said...

I also love(d) the Kong Wobbler. I used it in Puppy Class to encourage the shyer dogs to participate and explore.

Sadly, my young dog destroyed it by somehow unscrewing it and chewing it to bits... impossible you say? I'm thinking of sending the pictures to the company!!

Grisha Stewart said...

Yes, I think the Wobbler is my new favorite toy. Not just because I am a child of the 80's and have the Weeble ditty etched into my brain, but because dogs love them and they are quite challenging, yet keep a dog's interest.

I sell them at our online store and in Seattle, too:

PS I can so see Charlee...bad girl!! :)

Melf said...

I use the Kong Wobbler all of the time. I gave it rave reviews on my blog as well. It only took Jasper 2 minutes to figure out. Now I never know where I will find it when I get home! Another great toy from Kong!