Thursday, July 15, 2010

My 3 foster pups, 1 down, 2 to go

Rosebud has been back all week.  She will hang with us until she is just a little older.
This shot was taken this AM on my phone within the first 5 mintues. Think she looks happy? 

Me to.
It has been realy hard getting anything done today because they have turned into really great pups, the kind that  any dog lover would want to hang around with.

They are hysterical to watch and nice to be around.

I have a few interested parties for both dogs, but if YOU think either Evon or Marti are supposed to be your dog, speak up or forever hold your peace.   I still think Evon is maybe MY dog, but once again, the timing is really wrong.
What is that saying?  Oh yea, there  is never a right time to  have a baby.


Daisy's Mom said...

Ok. That middle photo is awesome! It totally made me laugh!

I can relate to finding it hard to get stuff done when you've got great puppies to keep you from doing them. They all look great Nancy. Obviously your work with them has had a positive impact. Kudos to you!

Debbie Jacobs said...

Is Evon the one with the face like Charlee?

gooddogz said...

Yes, Evon is very Charlee like, with no freak and more chill. Pretty much custom ordered, and really amazing that she lived in a shelter fron age 2 months to 6m when I got her.

gooddogz said...

I love the middle picture to. They are all so photogenic, I should put my phone down and use the real camera.

Jenny Ruth Yasi said...

I think Evon might be MY dog too,except dogs that are too similar -- especially two females -- seem more at risk of not getting along. So, two black females, both eager to train, could be trouble! But she is my kinda dog. She is gorgeous in every way!!

gooddogz said...

Evon gets along with all dogs. She might be too friendly to TigerLilly as she is with Finney, although she respects Charlee's boundaries. She is meeting my cousin this weekend. Would love to make her family.