Friday, January 10, 2014

Pet Blogger Challenge - Bring it 2014

Long time no see there peeps.  I have some free time this morning and I am stopping by to answer the Pet Blogger Questions.  There are a dozen prompts that I am following, but I am leaving out the questions so as not to bore you all to sleep.

I started blogging in 1995 for the Portland Press Herald and that morphed into Maine Today.  There is no longer a pet section and everything over there pretty much disappeared into cyber space.  7 years went poof!   But to be honest, it was a bit freeing to move on and not have the time commitment hanging over my head.

The thing I am most proud of on the Gooddogz Blog is I figured out I could upload  photos and blog from my phone.  Yes, I am a simple soul.

While I plan to keep a presence  here, I have vowed to spend less time blogging and more time WRITING A BOOK!  Actually, I am working on two ideas and excited about both of them.  Both are dog centered and pretty damn funny and educational. As the book  gels, I will be posting some snippets on this blog.

This may not be what the blogging community wants to hear, but the lesson I have learned in the last few years of bloggng is that it is easier, and quicker to share my thoughts on the Gooddogz Training Facebook page and write a book that will live long and prosper so to speak, than spend hours and hours on a blog.    When I wrote for the Portland Press Herald, they were owned by a huge corporation and my biz addy would then come up high, if not always first on web searches.  That was a huge incentive to blog.   Blogging to me has become another time suck that I am getting away from in 2014. I will still post photos here and occasional great articles but I am focusing on other things in the coming year.

On the subject of review and give aways, I  have a pile of books to review here that I still have not have had time to read.  There will be a book review with all the books I have coming in the near future.   I LOVE writing dog product reviews and would do that as a full time job if there was such a thing. 

So there you have it. In a nutshell. Blogging less,  Facebooking more  and writing 2 books.  I plan to have a bigger presence on the Gooddogz YouTube Channel this year and   I will be linking to videos on this blog.   Of course that is also while being a single Mom, and a small biz owner and spending lots of time with my two  dogs who don't train  themselves.

Cheers to a productive 2014.