Thursday, July 15, 2010

Stoopid Robin

Does this Charlie Brown scrub tree that is eye level to my daughter and in a kennel area at The Pet Pantry in Freeport look like a place that if you were a bird you would stake as home? The owners of the store report that the dumb ass Robin built her nest nearly a week ago and laid her eggs soon after. When the dogs use the space, the Mom flies away squawking and waits.

In class last night, we found the nest when we got dive bombed during puppy play time. 

There's Momma up there at the peak with a worm in her mouth.

Ok, I admit , it was totally cool, but it is amazing that Robins have not caught up to Darwin.

The day before a Robin missing it's tail feathers somehow landed in my yard, and we took it out of not 1, not 2, but three dog's mouths. *Shakes fist at Finney, Charlee and Evon* The dogs hadn't been unattended in my yard so I am quite sure the recently deceased met with a cat the first time round. My son caught him and we made it comfy in the garage where it ate 4 worms, but the poor thing must have had internal injuries and was dead by morning.

Ah, the great circle of life. A bird dies in my care, but later that day I am nose to beak with 3 babes and a soon to be hatched perfect blue Robin egg.

photos taken with my Crackberry

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