Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Good Review for Kong Tugger Knots

Being asked to review dog toys is a nice  perk for the dogs and I. Admittedly, my  own dogs are not the toy hounds they used to be, but between foster dogs and visitors,we do always seem to have a revolving door of ready, willing, and able toy testers who are always  willing to help out.

Basically I look for two things when testing a toy.

1.) Do the dogs like it?

2.) Will it last.

The answer to question number one is yes the dogs liked it. They liked the rope and the stuffed animal texture and the squeaker right out of the box so to speak.   I wish I had video taped the wagging scene when I opened it. 

No soft toy will last unsupervised and poor little froggy did get a nibble taken out of it when I got busy with something else, but considering that we have had this toy for a few months now and it has been in heavy rotation, I think a little nick off the corner still warrants a pretty tough rating. Basically, the toy is a knotted rope with a plush frog over it. So even if they shredded the frog to bits, there is still a  toy underneath. Love that! Fair warning, this toy is not made for power chewers, it is designed to be interactive and I do not let the dogs  have at it unsupervised to shred it to bits.

Every dog who passed through my door liked it, including my own two, but none more than Border collie Jack, our Christmas guest.

If Charlee and Finney had a love child, it would be Jack.

Neighbor Bandit on the left has discovered that my life is a dog park.

  Jack did every thing to this toy that a dog could do, he tugged with other dogs, slept with it, carried it around endlessly, settled down and munched on it a bit to find the squeaker. Yesterday when we awoke to Burricane2010 I realized we had left the frog out in the storm. Oh well I thought, so much for that toy, but Jack had other ideas and he found it, dug it up and the dogs had a complete and total blast with it.

All the dogs were happy that Jack dug up the Kong Tugger knot. 

FYI - Yes, Jack is wearing a pink sparkle T shirt. He was afraid of the wind and having a tight t shirt on helped. We apologize to Jack for the embarrassment.

Charlee says -   "What's up with him? I love this storm."

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Caption anyone?

Anyone have a better caption than "no peeking"?  Seems to be all I can come up with.

Monday, December 20, 2010

All is calm, all is bright

Today is the first day since September that I did not hear the pitter patter THUMP THUMP bark bark of my two foster guests Meggie or Sapphire, just at the moment I awoke. The morning energy of adolescent foster dogs is not quite the same as my own snoozing dogs, to put it mildly.

I think the morning crated Meggie and Sapphire's thought process went something like this.


Of course the dogs had to be calm before they could be let out, but neither had a crate insert due to various reasons, and anytime I got up it was loud and thumpy.

Can't lie, I do kind of get off on the worship, just wished I could have turned it off now and again, like for instance when I had to pee in the middle of the night. There were times I wished I had a remote control and could have just hit a button and turned them off for a bit.  Anyone who has ever lived with adolencent dogs knows that they are the most difficult, and I know for certain that having two multiplied their youngness by a factor of at least 20 sometimes.  A snooze button feature on foster dogs would nice.

Both dogs are in wonderful homes,  and  it was all worth it.  We miss them. Really.

Meggie left on Tuesday. Lucky Meggie, now Lucy (the missing link), will be living at the base of. Sugarloaf with two Border Collies and Two Brittany Spaniels. She has 2000 acres to hike every day. I woke up on Wednesday overcome with sadness and posted this picture on Facebook. In less than one minute two friends chimed up that they knew her new family and how great they were and one of my friends is his sister!

What a relief! What a wonderful small world it is!

Sapphire left yesterday (again) to live in New Hampshire with a very nice guy.

He and his girlfriend drove up to meet her last weekend and let's just say it was a total "click".

Finney saw the vet for a lump on his leg. He was very brave for an aspiration,  which appears to be nothing to worry about, but will be removed and sent off to Idexx. While there we discussed Charlee's tumor toe and it was deemed NOT CANCER.  My vet said she would have been dead by now. 
All is calm, all is bright!

Friday, December 10, 2010

Snorking and Patty-caking video edition

It's been a really long and testy week.  I have zero time to blog until next week, but if you need a smile as much as do/did check these two videos out.

The first shows two fun loving labs "snorking"  on the ski slopes of Sugarbush.  Snorking is by far my new favorite word.

The second is two cats with catitude playing Patty-cake.

Thanks interwebs, I needed that.