Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Product Review: Kong Rocket, and Air Kong tennis balls

The Kong Rocket Tennis Ball Launcher is 24" long and allows you pick up 2 sizes of tennis balls and chuck them a few hundred feet without having to put your hands on the dog's slimy ball.

I liked it!

What I like even more than the Rocket are Air Kong squeaky tennis balls.

I have a love hate relationship with a tennis ball that can squeak. Of course most dogs love them, and while I think they are a must have for the serious dog person, who out there except maybe the hard of hearing is not driven insane by incessant squeaking?

I am grateful to Kong for being instrumental in helping my 6 month old foster dog learn how to play with toys. Like many shelter dogs, Stella was not interested in dog toys when she arrived, but once she saw the other dogs playing with the Air Kong squeaking tennis ball, it wasn't long before she snagged it from them and she has been all about toys ever since. Dogs with a toy drive, that is not excessive, are much easier to train, and they can be a lot of fun to hang around with. Stella is actually more adoptable now that she is starting to fetch.  Thanks Kong!

Unlike a Chuck it, Kong Rocket comes with a plastic switch that adjusts to fit both regular sized and oversized tennis balls. Unless you have a big breed with the chance of swallowing the standard size ball, I am not sure you need this feature. Of the 15 dogs that we tested the Air Kong squeaky tennis balls and Kong Rocket with, to include the "Oh my God it's a ball, it's a ball, throw the ball" Labs, the dogs preferred the smaller ball every time, but still engaged with the larger ball .

One of the best features of the Air Kong tennis ball is that it is made from a non-abrasive fabric that will not wear down dog's teeth. There can be harmful chemicals in almost tennis balls and Kong's tennis balls are safe for dog to play with, but not eat of course.

One of the "OMG it's a squeaky tennis ball, throw the squeaky tennis ball", Labs was in absolute heaven with both sizes of the squeaky tennis ball and I wish I had gotten a picture of her with her glazed look of total bliss.

Kong Rocket sells for about 10 bucks and a 3 pack of regular sized Kong Squeak Air tennis balls sells for about $6.50. Quite a bit cheaper than a doggie dentist.


barrie said...

1. how did you get on the Kong tester list?!? I want on it!!!!

2. My dogs kill the squeakers so you only have to listen to them for the first week or two :-)

One lab I take care of was SHOCKED when she was bringing back a squeaky tennis ball and it squeaked. She dropped it, stared at it, etc. But she got so she refused to bring back regular tennis balls anymore and instead would stand in front of the spot where all the balls lived waiting for me to throw one of the squeaky ones.

My mal, Fancy, completely ruined her teeth on regular tennis balls so I am a huge devotee of the Kong tennis balls!

gooddogz said...

1-Lots of PR firms have found me through Maine Pets.
2-Charlee took the ball from the OMG throw I have a squeaky tennis ball dog and took the squeaker out in a minute and threw it back to her. I didn't mention it because, I think the balls are pretty tough,adn anot all dogs are as G as Charlee. Same thing happened to the OMG it squeaks dog. She was obsessed with it.
After doing Border Collie rescue for so long and seeing dog with no teeth , I am a huge fan of the Kong tennis balls.

melf said...

Nancy - Jasper LOVES his squeaker Kong ball. He actually will bypass a regular tennis ball every time if there is a Squeaker one in the yard. Does the squeaking drive me crazy? Sometimes, but mostly it's just funny to watch him with it. Wish I was on the Kong tester list. I love their products!