Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The final waffle - Meggie is up for adoption - for realz!

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Meggie is officially up for adoption. She is a fantastic dog, but my 12 year old dog is endlessly annoyed by her and Finn , who likes everyone, feels the same way. Charlee deserves a little peace in her twilight. Charlee has nicked her in the snout a few times, mostly when Meggie forgets and runs right into her mouth (ah youth!). and Finn flashes his pearly whites several times a day. When it is time to chill out, Finn takes his down time seriously.  Meggie does not enjoy lots of new dogs in her face, and for that reason also a home without a revolving door would be best for her.

Meggie LOVES kids and one of her favorite things to do is come with me and stand on the sidelines at school and have everyone come up and meet her. She and I have had many outings and she has met hundreds of people with me, and is doing quite well when meeting off leash dogs in the woods. On leash greetings still needs direction but she is getting better by the day. I would prefer she goes to a home with someone who will do something with her and feel that she would be a blast to train for just about any dog sport venue. Meggie is very clever and athletic and sweet sweet sweet. I shopped her to the local flyball people and her mug is getting around in lots of doggie circles so hopefully, she will find her home soon.

Meggies updated bio

All three of my kids are fine with Meggie finding the right home that suits her best,  and I even have a two dollar bet with my youngest who swears that she will not cry when Meggie leaves.

Easy money.

I did sweeten the pot a bit by committing to a Springer Spaniel pup in the spring. More on that soon!

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