Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's up universe or sign sign everywhere a sign

Two years ago to the this day, we had the MOST wonderful and beauteous foster dog that we named Jonas after his rock star good looks. Funny, middle daughter who named him has since moved on to cooler boys to drool over, while her younger sister has the Jonas Brother fever. Me, I just hope that Camp Rock really is the final jam if you get my drift.

Border Collie Jonas was a stray at the local shelter and I fostered him for about a month. I wanted that dog soooooo bad. .Jonas came into our lives at a time when the last thing we needed was another dog. Not only was Jonas gorgeous and smart and athletic and great with kids and other dogs, but Jonas came with a host of "signs" from the universe.  I don't have a crystal clear memory of what all the signs were, but it had to do with birth dates and my old dogs. When Jonas's adopter contacted me after seeing his handsome mug on line, the first thing she started spouting was how she was sure he was supposed to be her dog, and then she excitedly reeled off an exhaustive list of signs, that also had to do with dead dogs and numbers and birthdays and whatnots.

Bet you already guessed that I that her signs convinced me that this was a sign that Jonas was indeed her dog.

I won't haz Smiths?

And they lived happily ever after, but Jonas will forever be the dog who got away.

Yes, we animal people are an odd lot.

Last Thursday I took home Cotton the adorable baby bunny. The short version is that there were signs,  and it had to do with an animal falling into my lap the day before my daughter's birthday - again.

Charlee is here because she shares a birthday with my last two dogs, but even that is a stretch seeing that we only knew for sure one of the dog's birthdays and he was ultimately re homed.

And Finney, well, he fits into the category of "our dogs find us". I had been looking for a dog to work with reactive and aggressive dogs with and there he was, and he has fulfilled his purpose and then some.

Love you Finns..

I wondefuls.  Every day is take me to work day.

So where the hell you may ask is this going?   I bet a few of you guessed it is Meggie.

Meggie didn't come with signs, but she did come at time when my dog is failing. She has done well lately with new dogs and her sweetness really pulls at my heart. Still, her timing is worse than when we fostered rock star Jonas.   Sans dog/dog  issues, it is almost as if I  custom  ordered her.  I have been saying for years and years that my next dog would be a petite smooth coat Border Collie with a super soft temperament. Meggie sure is close.

Meggie's guarding and issues with other dogs are getting so much better. Right now her worst trait is that she doesn't just jump, she gleefully LAUNCHES at people. I have helped a lot of people with this issue, but I have never lived with a dog who did this before. It is very trainable and I would much prefer a dog who loves people over a dog who did not, beside,she will be a breeze to train to jump into my arms right?

Happy to report that Finn is on the mend but he will  remain on leash and be restricted for a few more weeks.

This morning without Finney running Meggie shadowed Charlee on our off leash walk. It was adorable to see and there were a few gasping awww moments for me. This week I admitted to myself that Charlee has some new tumors that are growing and after being a total bitch to the pup, Charlee has kind of decided she kind of sort of likes her.


Please fill in the blank.

The longer Meggie stays here the more likely it is that ____   ________   ______.

Did you aquire your animals with signs?

I can Haz Smiths please?

we can haz doomed


Mindy Frye said...

Filling in the blanks: she will stay.

melf said...

We are a strange lot aren't we?

I don't believe I have ever found "signs" with any of my dogs, but I definitely "knew" the moment I met them that they were "the one". I think the only one I didn't know would be with me forever was Daisy, but then again, I had convinced myself that she was ONLY a foster. Not for keeps. Truthfully, I connected with her too. I just didn't admit it to myself at the time.

I think that you should check your gut. If it's telling you Meggie is "the one" go with it. It's for a reason.

Glad Finney is healing. I was wondering how he was doing.

I am heartbroken over Charlee's additional tumors. It must be so hard Nancy. I can only pray and hope it is nothing.

gooddogz said...

@Minday - I have turned down a fewpeople who were not right for her, but if the right hoe comes along, I have decided I will place. But every day we like her more and more ! (you were right by the way)
@Mel - Yesterday I decided after months of waffling that I will take a pup in the spring from my favorite English Springer Ginger. Her human has bred 4 generations and is looking to pass on the line. I have agreed to breed my future pup at least one time adn give her the pick of the litter. I have thought long and hard about this. For close to 2 years. Shocker isn't it??