Friday, October 1, 2010

Saturday-Canine Carnival in Augusta

Tomorrow afternoon Finney and I will be presenting at the 1st annual Canine Carnival, a fundraiser for Maine Greyhound Placement in Augusta. When they called and asked me in the summer, I didn't realize that it conflicted with WoofstMinster Planet Dog's big fund raising event in Scarborough. Both events look great and if you are in a more northerly part of the state, check it out - all breeds of dogs are welcome.

I have signed on to teach an interactive tricks and intro to freestyle workshop with the help of my Collie Finney. Finney suffered a hind leg injury 3 weeks ago when he collided with our foster puppy in the woods. He has since been rested, taken on many a long leash walk, and as of yesterday allowed off leash for a brief jaunt in the woods towards the end of our walk. He has been sound for a few weeks and more than a little high I might add. No doubt Finney will be happy to get back to work.

Finnegan is invaluable to me as a working partner, and I have missed him! He is a rock solid in public and like many trainers with dogs with super sonic dog skills, I have come to rely heavily on his assessment of other dogs, be they clients for dog aggression, or new foster dogs. While Finn is an expert on new dogs, I am somewhat of an expert of his body language and I can garner lots of information from him.

The Vet warned me that Finney is at high risk for re-injuring himself, and I will not allow him to run full tilt for at least another 3-4 weeks. In the mean time, the extended leash walks have been good for both of us. Not only is Finney getting stronger and I am getting fitter (one would hope!), but his manners in my yard have much improved and his barking is way down because, as I preach,he has not been allowed to practice unwanted behaviors.

Finn says "Let's count how many people ask me today if I am a  Greyhound mix."

Guess there is something to dog training after all. :)

For as long as I can remember, I have loved and admired Greyhounds. I grew up in the shadow of Wonderland Race track, and I mean literally grew up in the shadow of Wonderland. My family's business is right next door. My Uncle Dr Arthur Barry, was the track vet for many decades, and he started what is most likely the first Greyhound rescue in Massachusetts back in the early 70s, when he got disgusted by so many owners asking him to destroy their perfectly fine dogs when they were done racing. Growing up, there was always a different Greyhound at his house when ever we went over, and the sweetness of those dogs still lingers.

The state of Greyhounds and there for Greyhound rescue will surely be changing with more and more track closures. At this time Greyhound rescues are full up and in much need of support.

For a list of available Maine Greyhounds please click here.

If you are not following the exploits and photo shop genius of super star Greyhound Nigel Buggers, why the heck not?

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