Friday, September 17, 2010

Today's analogy

People who get dogs in lieu of a human baby is to --

me getting a rabbit yesterday when I really want Meggie our foster puppy.

We are not too far away from placing our 20th foster dog since we moved to Maine, and six of those of those since June. It is not quite additive exactly as it is hard to say no to dogs in need, when we are set up here to easily help them. Fostering dogs and sending them off to great homes has gotten easier. I wouldn't say that we are detached exactly, but I suppose my kids and I have developed a thick skin that protects us from feeling the loss too badly. I also think that as a professional dog trainer who meets thousands of dogs a year, I have a pretty narrow criteria of what my "next dog" will be like.

Meet Meggie the dog who has brought me close to the brink of joining the Failed Foster Club.


There are numerous reasons that she is not a good choice for us, the main one being that our 12 year old dog Charlee  has not given her the approval, not to mention that we are not looking to add a third dog. Meggie has been here for about 3 weeks and only just got listed on , because I  thought really long and hard about keeping her.

It is all Meggie's fault that we got a rabbit. Insert insane laughter here.

Yesterday I was doing a pet therapy visit at an assisted living facility with Charlee. and the dog escorted me   to a box of 8 week old baby rabbits  in the next room.

We have had most pets that families can have, but we never had a rabbit. Seriously do  baby rabbits not tip the cute meter  clear off the charts? After the massive amount of poop generated by the three guinea pigs we had, I was not in the market for adding more pet toilets to clean to my life, but today is my youngest daughter's ninth birthday and what I really want is Meggie, so Happy Birthday Heather right?

That is how it happened that we have added Cotton, or as my son has dubbed the bunny "Indoor Squirrel" to the Smith household. We are not sure if Cotton is a male or female. I was told to spread the bunny's legs and if a little wiener pops out then I will know it is a boy.

That is on my list of things to do today.

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gooddogz said...

AFter careful "investigation", it appears that Cotton is a girl.