Tuesday, May 17, 2011

When a King size bed just isn't enough

Beck made his bed and did lie in it.
I went out for a few hours this morning and I came home to find that Beck had been doing a little product testing all on his own.   We have  several new  products  from  InStyleDog.com , a new web  site,   and we have  loved every thing we have gotten.  Prices are good, quality is excellent and shipping is free.
Look for more posts on In Style Dog  products soon.

Apparently Beck  has a clear  favorite product and it is our  new soft and comfy Berber crate insert.  Beck  hauled it from  inside the crate by the fire place, across the house to my bedroom, where he proceeded to make his bed!

Now I am pretty sure it started out as a toy to him, and that most likely while I was blissfully unaware there was  joyous gallivanting about the house and maybe Finn joined in for a round of tug.  But  I can't find any   rips or tooth marks on the mat.   Beside the mat on my bed, nothing was out of place, so add this to one of life's many mysteries.

Soon after I got home,  Beck hoped on the mat and took himself a riotious snooze.   I had to laugh not only at my new dog's smarts but at the fact that in up until January Beck had lived in a shelter for nearly 7 months, and apparently a king size bed just  wasn't enough.

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Jenna said...

This is too, too cute! He must be a professional product tester ... maybe he can start his own blog! ;)