Tuesday, May 3, 2011

more video-Beck's 5th jumping lesson and the sweetest pic evah

On the heels of my last post, I didn't want you thinking Beck is  partyboy/wild child/caveman dog all the time,  So I am posting something quick showing the dog's awesome. 

This video shows his 5th jumping lesson.  We have done some foundation work without jumps first to teach wraps.  As you can see, the dog is very (very very very)  easy to work with.  Although I am quite sure that in a regular pet home, Beck would have been a disaster.  His jumping style needs  work, and we will be working on distance soon, but I am sure proud of my guy who we adopted 2 months ago tomorrow.

Beck plays hard and he snuggles even harder. Took this next shot in the dark. Wasn't so sure I liked my new camera, but this shot has impressed me, and I am digging having  decent video capability.

Can I have an awwwwwww?

From May 3, 2011

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pratchthebratch said...

Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! And nice wrapping! You are going to have a multi-faceted star on your hands, Nancy. I think this boy can do just about any sport he and you choose!

gooddogz said...

I was just explaining to a friend that I have jumps, but not wing jumps. Using the chairs forces you (me) to stay back and work away. Thank you for the compliment! Stay tuned for more redneck agility. I am super happy with this dog. He was "the one". All those dogs and he was the only one who got to stay in 11 years of rescue.

melf said...

Wow! Impressive! Nancy - He is quite a dog!

gooddogz said...

Thanks Mel.The dog impresses the hell out of me. He was in a shelter from July until January. Smart active dog like that? It's a wonder he doesn't need a labotomy, never mind that he is a rock star.