Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dogs playing video. Check out Beck!

Here is a short video of dogs playing in my yard.  Thankfully they don't play this hard all the time,  but this YEE HA! play  is not unusual either.  The players are -

Beck-leader of the band, Finney-all in, Valli- foster dog who was adopted Friday, and our new foster dog Delilah (DD) who actually did really well.  DD  spent some time fostered at Camp Bow Wow and she is a pretty great player once she knows the dogs.   Camp Bow Wow was to much for her after a few weeks and she landed here to destress a bit. 
Mission accomplished.  

You can just skip over to about the 1 minute mark  to see "the move" and why I posted this.   Feel free to console me that my dog will in deed be ok and that he won't get hurt playing and acting the fool. 
Things like "Nancy he is so wiry and fit that he can do contorsions like that without getting hurt"
and "He's a dog, get over it"  are appreciated.  I am worried he will hurt himself.  By the way, I have seen Beck run 2x as fast as he is in this video. 
My new dog could use a large dose of  some common sense and a bit of time to grow a brain, but I love his overall approach to life. If he stays sound, he will be a force.

Wouldn't you like to have a fraction of this energy and joi de vie?

More info on adopting DD is here  http://www.petfinder.com/petdetail/19002186.


KathyF said...

I think Sparky and Beck would be a great match--in speed, size and agility. I'd give anything if I could just come over and play...he's really getting better with other dogs, to the point of ignoring them altogether. Next step, if there is one, is for him to actually interact positively.

Love the video of happy dogs! Who's got the deep bark?

gooddogz said...

The noise maker was as always Finney. He has a rather high pitched bark , but he switched voice hats for this play session. My friend Kim suggested I name Beck's play move like they do in figure skating. She suggested we call it the "Beck ham slip flip trip and dip" haha love it!

snickdog said...

The Woo Crew is QUITE impressed with the awesome Ninja stylin' moves of your new family member!

gooddogz said...

It is partially your fault that the ninja dog lives here.

Raw Dog Food System said...

Aww! Your dogs are adorable when they’re playing! They’re definitely having a good time.