Monday, May 23, 2011

A perk of having a sweet dog loving kiddo

Purple just happens to be both Heather and Starrie's color!
And no they didn't check with each other first to see what the other was wearing. 

My youngest came to Rally-O class with me this past Saturday.  She loves to come to work with me on any given day, but she loved this past weekend.   That's Starrie in her lap. Her young Italian Greyhound brother  trains with me most Saturdays, and their owner didn't feel right about leaving Starrie home, as she had been a bit under the weather.  Nothing contagious, no worries there.
 Eleven year old super sweet  Starrie had stopped eating for just a short time, but dropped over a pound. That is a lot for a dog who doesn't weigh very much.   Starrie had been to the vet and seemed to be slowly on the mend, but her human just didn't feel right leaving her home.

I offered my youngest to sit,( literally)  for Starrie.  For close to the full hour.  Starrie and Heather snuggled on that chair and  had a mega love fest.  Heather offered bits of Natural Balance that Starrie  accepted and  the great news that when Starrie got home, she ate!

Heather reports that Starrie is one of her favorite dog ever.

We all think Starrie ate because she was happy and that Heather helped to stimulate the  healing  process.

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