Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Happy Belated Mother's Day to all

Computer issues have been plaguing me for months now. My kids seem to be like moths to flames in terms of acquiring  new computer  viruses these days.  I am told Facebook and You Tube are the culprits but who knows really.  The last crash was caused by a new anti virus program I installed, and it took a real computer person  aka good friend, to fix it.  The anti virus program  messed up the start load program.  My computer was down and out this last time for quite a while  and even after it was fixed it, it wasn't working properly.  Key features were lost.
*waves goodbye to cut and paste and photo upload on this blog*

I was sad on Mother's Day that I could not share the present that I made my kids give me.  When I say made, I mean it.  I   literally dragged them out of bed, down to the park that is filled with tulips on Brighton Ave. I made them pose like we did in 08 with and without the dogs, ran to CVS to print, off to another store to buy frames for my self my Mom and my sister and made it to Revere for a lovely lunch with the family.  You can't tell looking at these photos that they are not one big happy family.  Let's just say that my middle daughter made on of the photos her FB profile pic and cut her brother out,and I had to threaten them and triple guilt them to get them  not look miserable.   I was met with sentiments that went something like "I can't wait until 12:01 when Mother's Day is over. When is kid's day anyway?"

In other news, we can now stream  Netflix. I was very late to this party and I had to up load Google Chrome to get it,  which duh, gave me features that I lost on Internet Explorer.  I may have figured out to download IE again, but we have been so busy, I didn't give it much thought.
So without further delay, here is a little photo essay from Mother's Day.  I think we did pretty good for a 5 minute shoot. The flowers are still peak. Go take some of your own!

First the photo from 08

I framed those two together.

We also did a few with the dogs.

                             Beck met my family for the first time. They loved him and he loved them more.

The meeting was bittersweet because Charlee's absence was palpable.  *sniff*  I knew my Dad would love Beck. I just knew it.  My Dad spent most of the afternoon petting him telling him "do you know how lucky you are?  

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