Friday, October 8, 2010

Mrs Potatohead hits the trails with 4, yes 4

Armed with 4 cheese sticks and a pocket full of kibble I braved the woods with my 4 charges this morning. On picture perfect fall days like this, what I really want to do is gallop on horseback at breakneck speed. Given that I haven't been on a horse in about 16 years, watching dogs run flat out and enjoy being dogs is the next best thing. I do have plans to get back in the saddle in the not too distant future. For many years I lived and breathed horses, but giving birth to a kid with special health needs really changed everything. It is true that adults cannot clear their minds, and after my son was born, all I could think about when I rode horses  was how selfish I was, and what would happen to him if anything happened to me. I would not say that I was afraid so much as I had clearly lost my edge.  I am ready to get some on my selfish self back.

Meanwhile, back in the woods.

A long way from the overcrowed shelter in Mississippi!!!

Great walk this morning with all 4 dogs behaving beautifully and staying close with excellent recall. Sapphire dragged a leash just in case, and  she was the best of the 4. Of course that could change as she becomes more confident and we start to see her true self, but the dog has spent her whole in a shelter and and keen to be with me. Look for a blog post soon on "Choose to hike." Basically I apply Dawn Jeks Choose to Heel principle to everyday, all of the time, and start just as soon as the new fosters arrive. Meggie and Sapphire have spent a lot of time following me around my yard and being rewarded for it.

You know you want to adopt me!

Our walk was not totally relaxing for me at least as I was in what I tell my students "Mrs Potatohead mode," and at all times was on the look out for any other dogs, vermin, or people, but we only saw one lone gentlemen who we met on the way into the woods.

Galloping dogs, It's a good thing.

12 year old tumor ridden Charlee out ran them all!


KathyF said...

What fun! Nothing like walking in the woods with off-leash dogs. Wish I could join you...

Twice today Sparky got out the front door, (once when I was bringing in groceries) and each time he did nothing more than catch up with either me or my husband, and came right in when we called. I think he just doesn't want to be too far away from us. Don't know if that means he'd have good recall or not on a long walk...

Husband said he cried when I left today...makes me sad.

Tina said...

Got some amazing private trails in OOB - Would love for you and your pooches to come "hiking" with us off leash. No cars to worry about. No other dogs, property, houses, people, or anything else - ahh. Maine, the Way Life Should Be!

Tina said...

Some amazing, private, serene doggy trails in OOB. Come join us some day. NO other dogs, people, houses or cars - just miles of trails! Aww. Perfect for our off leash fur friends!!

Rachel Powers said...

Friday afternoon we had a fun jaunt along side Wainwright Soccer fields and (ugh!) Takota discovered and swam in a drainage pond. He's all retriever! Nice to watch him play with other dogs too!

Does a good recall for cheese if I wave my hand!

Debbie Jacobs said...

Love those pictures!