Monday, October 4, 2010

Meet Sapphire, Meggie's workout buddy

In testing the principle are two dogs really easier than one, I agreed to take on a second foster. Well that is not totally honest. I agreed to take our latest charge, who my youngest has named Sapphire, after a plea from my good friend Victoria.  It's Victoria  who we can blame for all our recent fosters. Some of the talking points included, "she has no chance in the South, Life behind bars, she will be passed over for life, they really like her and we all want to give her a chance."

All right, enough already. Yes!

BUT I was thinking that having two young dogs would allow for them to run each other out. Last weekend, Meggie fell thougt the cracks of life. We went to the fair one day and it was quite rainy the next and on the end of the second day I ran to my car. When I came back, my sweet young pup joyfully jumped at my face and gave me two black eyes. I have since stepped up her exercise and training, but it is not the same as aerobic run run run with another young dog. So----while I tell people, "don't get a dog for your dog", looks like I am not practicing what I preach and the two dogs are having a blast. As an extra bonus Charlee and Finney are not being annoyed and in turn they like Meggie better these last 24 hours--which then in turn makes it harder to give her up.

Quite a few friends have questioned me about Meggie with other dogs and many thought she didn't like other dogs. She needs to be managed around new dogs and is leash reactive, but getting better.

Oh, she likes to play with other dogs.

Meggie is not a candidate for the dog park, and not a great choice for the horse barn I turned down. She needs to be managed closely at this time, but she is very in tune with people and takes direction well. In the right home, she will be a once in life time heart dog. I have no doubt. I am holding out for that person to find her. 

In the mean time, we are getting to know Sapphire and here is what we have learned so far:

-She is unsure about new people, but wants to be loved by them so much she will crawl on her belly like a reptile to see them.

-She  is a submissive pee-er . In the kennel when I picked her up, she soaked her plastic dog bed with pee and then swacked swack swacked the pee with her wagging tail and she soaked the kennel wall and floor. It was kind of funny in an OMG that better not happen at my house kind of way.

-Sapphire is an excellent jumper and jumped all 4 feet on my head outside yesterday, but she learned to sit in 3 morsels of cheese.

-She is wicked smart and athletic and has never done stairs, but picked them up right away. She likes girls better than boys but wants badly to trust. Oh and she loves toys.

Sapphire's personality meshes with mine. I love to tame the smart wild child and she has already had a fantastic loose leash walking session after hauling me nearly off my feet yesterday.

We are thrilled to report that the pee issue is already 99 percent better.Stay tuned, I see good things in store for this girl.


Anonymous said...

Hi Nancy, thank you for the update on Sapphire! I drove her up from Hudson on Saturday and she sat on my lap for the ride due to a full car. I fell in love with her, she was such a sweetheart and man did she love to give kisses! I did get to see her jumping ability and was blown away! So glad you have her!

Canine Commitment Volunteer

gooddogz said...

She is super sweet and very bright, and she is a blast. Thanks for driving her!

gooddogz said...

update--Meggie was fine at the dog park!