Monday, January 10, 2011

one up

See a pattern?
Tears were streaming  here last night. Tears cascaded down the cheeks of my sweet 9 year old's face. The cause of her tears, was our adorable bunny she named Cotton. When I gave her the bunny for her 9th birthday in September Cotton was just 8 weeks old and too young to tell her sex. My daughter gave the bunny a name suitable for a male or female. To be honest, I didn't give the bunnie's sex another thought for a good (and happy!) solid 4 months. We all kind of assumed that Cotton was a she because of the adorable factor.

Well listen up folks, she is a he. The reason for the tears?

"Boys are icky, boys are gross."

Cotton only has one ball. He has an undescended testicle. At 6 months, it still may be on it's way, but I kind of doubt it judging by the whopper of a right nut this little guy is sporting.  Upon this revelation

tears then morphed to -

"What kind of Mother gets her kid a birthday present that will die."

"We need to find Cotton another home, I don't want him to die here."


"How will we get the other ball get out, what does the ball do, why does he need it, and will it hurt, how much does it cost, will he die at the vet, and you need to call the vet right now."

Then more

*sob. sob. sob. *

These very serious questions were peppered with the over the top smart ass comments of my 17 year old son, who could not contain the flood of bad bunny wiener jokes. Each one pushing my poor kiddo closer and closer to the brink.

He gave our bunny the new name of .....

"Cotton Ball."

"Peter Cotton Peter"



"Little Bunny Foo Ball."

Where as I then had to

*physically restrain her so she didn't injure her brother.*

By the way, for those of you who know us in real life, please don't mention this to my kid, she would be very angry at me for sharing.

Sharing private information on blogs can get prickly.

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