Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's nice to be wrong sometimes

My friend Mary, of (check it out...go now!) is on the cusp of joining the failed foster club. She called me in July and we spoke at length about the dog she saw on the Internet in a high kill shelter in Arkansas. This dog reached off the Internet page and spoke to her. His soulful eyes haunted her.

Mary got an earful from me about how I felt bad, but that there was no way I would pull a dog from the middle of no where, where I had no inside friends or contacts, and especially not one who looked as messed up as (soon to be) Aaron did in the his shelter photo. Mary got the "we can't save them all" speech from me and then she was delicately redirected to try to help a local dog . I told her about all the resources it would take to save this one dog, and how many other dogs she could save with that time and money.  I told her how there were no guarantees, and how "rescue sucks", and how I personally did not like the look in his eyes, or his tucked up fearful body posture.

"No way, don't do it!!" I told her and gave her a few horror stories to mull over.

Mary was gracious and appreciative of my time, and thanked me for my views, then she went and pulled the dog anyway.  :)
 If you have not followed his story,  go to She is a great writer, and she has woven together a great story.
I  me up with Mary yesterday at Old Orchard Beach and  got to meet Aaron in person.
It is nice to be wrong sometimes.

Aaron checks out the ocean for the first time


Dogs don't understand the concept of luck. 

Good boy Aaron,  Good girl Jazzy.

Finney and Aaron had a  beach "bromance"

Charlee says "Every day is polar dip day."

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Hilary said...

Loved this! I've been following Mary and Aaron's adventures since the beginning. I'm so glad you got to meet up! And you're great to admit you were wrong in this case. But in general, you're right re what you advised.