Thursday, March 3, 2011

Loving my Flexi leash - Product review

Thick tape Flexis are good!

Here is something I thought I would never say.

"I love my Flexi leash."

Several months ago, I was sent one to review and like most trainers, I have had many bad experiences with Flexi. Some were scary and down right dangerous.  Some even ended with blood shed, and more than once it was mine.

BUT I have flipped my stance on Flexis - and not just because I got a free one.

Going on the record here and now saying "it's not the tool, it's the fool."

My  first fledgling year as a professional trainer I got sliced and diced behind both knees. Thing is, Flexis  were not allowed in class and someone switched to their Flexi after class and followed me over to my car in the parking lot to ask me something.. I was meeting friends after class and had changed into shorts. The dog took off after another dog,  the leash was not locked and holy ouch I can still feel the burn. That cut was a real bitch. It was deep and took a long time to heal.

There are stories of severed fingers, cut arteries (urban myth?), and personally I have seen scores and scores of people miss use them.  I have first hand knowledge of lots of bad situations involving Flexi leashes.

My (least) favorite - people who are not paying attention and let their dogs go right in the jaws of aggressive dogs.

Followed by the people who think the leashes are  locked, but they are not.

Followed by people who (by viture of them being lame brains)  allow a massive tangle that may or may not end in hurt legs or dog fights.

Followed by the ones who have dogs on Flexis that are not big enough to hold the dog's weight. You know the guy with a poodle who gets a Rotti and uses the small leash and it breaks and their dog flies straight at you?

Yup, all that  has happened to me personally.

Followed by ...oh heck, never mind. That is THEM and this is ME.

I have been slowly digesting the idea of ME using a Flexi and testing mine for months now.

"My name is Nancy. I am a dog trainer and I like my Flexi leash." "Hello Nancy."

Just days after my Flexi was delivered, Finney hurt himself. I have written before that my dog is a bit OCD about things. He is like that neighbor that does the same routine every day. Where and when and how he eliminates is high on his top list of whacko priorities. 6 weeks of leash walks. It took him forever to find a spot with me near. Neither of us liked the long training line and know what, bingo, problem solved with the Flexi.
He could still be in his bathroom and feel as though he shut the door so to speak.

Same with new fosters. No problem going potty at a distance from me on leash. LOVE it for that. just LOVE it. LOVE it for my new Southern foster dogs to be on leash with me and be able to explore.

My name is Nancy and I am a dog trainer. I am careful. I have a brain and I use my Flexi leash like I drive-


I also love that my Flexi no longer has that teeny thin line, but a safer, sturdier tape line. LOVE LOVE LOVE the new(er) thicker tape version.

So if you buy one. Have a brain, utilize the big brain you were given and be careful.
There are times and places that Flexis can  work amazingly well.

That is all.


KathyF said...

I like them too. I used it all the time with Bailey, but she was slower. She liked to sniff, so it was ideal for me to keep my pace and not stop when she did. I used it exclusively on long hikes, when she wasn't off lead altogether, but I did need to stay in front of the pack--no problem, since I was the only one who knew where we were going!

With Sparky, I use it selectively. And to my surprise, he quickly learned that when I say "Whoa!" as he nears the end of the spool, he slows down. This after he got jerked on his harness a few times. I worry, tho, that with the front harness the spool line is too low and might tangle around his legs.

Ashley said...

I like Flexis, too. I have a knock off brand, though, and it annoys me to no end because the locking mechanism DOES NOT WORK LIKE A FLEXI (ahem). The only thing I like about it is that it has the wide tape. I got a wicked burn/wound on the crease of a couple of my fingers from trying to grab a friend's Flexi when the lock wasn't working. NOT COOL. Can't imagine what your knees felt like!!

EmilyS said...

they've always had a thick tape version.
It's the version that gave me a torn ACL when my zooming pit bull wrapped it around my knee....