Saturday, March 5, 2011

Fitting in

Lots of people, and I mean lots of people think I have finally lost in it in adding a third dog to our already overflowing and never caught up and never enough money life.
Well, yes of course! Nothing about adding a third dog is sane,  but what dog person isn't just a bit looney.
 I mean really.

Beck  made it clear to me over and over that he was family. Looney, crazy, insane, whatever that makes me, the dog makes me smile and he brings down all our blood pressures.  He is a business expense, and at this point I even consider him a medical device.  Just kidding about the  medical device,  but the dog has a way of calming and lowering  stress  and he brings smiles all around. Beck served to remind me that I once had a training client who wanted help with their mannerless young St Bernard. The owner said to me "training is a heck of a lot better and cheaper than the therapy my son will need if I get rid of his dog."

Beck spent his first official day with us cavorting around with me in the car.  I would not say he quite has separation anxiety, but the dog has made it known that he wants to be with us whenever possible.  I was hesitant to place him because I had that horrible gut feeling  that something bad would happen to him if he tried to be with this people and they were you know-- a regular family.  :) This is after all the dog who dangled by a leg from my fence when he got caught up jumping my gate (again) trying  to get to me.

Beck was a solid 3 to 1 vote in favor of keeping him. The hold out is my middle daughter who has claimed "why do you want this dog, he is not that special."
Me and Beck say "ouch" to that one.  I think the dog is pretty special.  All three of my kids think they are dog trainers and that they have mystical training powers and insights to dogs brains and  personalities.   That goes double for middle daughter. Does this shot, taken yesterday when I picked her up at school, look like the photo of a dog who is not "special?"  I think she is melting a bit, don't you?

Beck is trying REALLY hard to fit in.

Over the last few days I placed both Lego and Stella in wonderful homes.  I'll post an update soon on the both of them, but last night when Stella was picked up, even my warm fuzzies had warm fuzzies.  :))) Great placement for her with a  friend of a friend.
 Lady has a meet and greet on Sunday ,and I expect they will not be able to resist her charms. She is a fabulous puppy, as is Bryce who is still looking for love.

 Beck has been the most fantastic puppy/foster  baby sitter. This is a job once held by Finney, but now that Finney is the big 5.0, he really is not interested in being pestered much.  There will be no more fostering of the young puppies for me.  Waking up once or twice a night with my own human babies or dogs is one thing, but loosing precious sleep for fosters really tipped the looney scales,  and took it's toll on my aging brain and body. Waking up to just five dogs, two kids and a rabbit was a piece of cake today.

It's all relative , and I love my new relative.


Jess the Dog Shopper said...

Good for Beck! He looks pretty special to me! That Bryce is a cutie too...I think my husband would kill me if I added another dog to our mix!! Good on you!

pratchthebratch said...

Congrats to you guys and to Beck. He's an awesome boy and I think will be a great addition! He has such a wonderful temperament. Wish all Rescues were like Beck and my Siri!