Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Liar Liar Pants on Fire

I spent a good portion of yesterday answering the question,

"I thought you were not taking any more foster dogs for a while?"

That was the plan yes. Late Sunday night I got an email from my friend Victoria at Canine Commitment http://caninecommitment.org/. All it said was "...she is ... boarding, sooo sweet and sooo very cute. I met her today. a doll. she should go fast and I already have an application for her. would you consider fostering her for one week? she is small... maybe 12 lbs. "

Didn't say how old, or where she came from. I mentioned it to my middle schooler who said as kids are known to and then never follow through,

"I'll take care of her. We can't leave her in a kennel, she is too little." And in a blink of an eye, and in a snap,  with pretty much no thought what so ever, during a commerical break while watching the Emmy's, we wrote Victoria back. It would only be a short term foster we told ourselves, what would be the harm? Stella is leaving today and taking a piece of my heart with her, I thought this would help to fill it back up.

When we saw the pup that we named Meggie, we both melted. She has that something something super sweet spirit that I have been searching for since my last dog Dina died. I meet a lot of dogs and most don't have it. We both looked at each other and said "She is like Dina."

First minute in the car

Now depending on how flakey you are, you may be like me and have read many books and stories of people who believe that animals of their past find their way back to you in the future.

Who wouldn't want to believe that?
This pup is so super cute and so special that for the time being she is not available for adoption.

Maybe not ever.
My best guess is Aussie x Spaniel

Out with the old - in with the new

Took this shot this AM. This puppy makes me go all melty.



dognut said...

That girl has the best, expressive little face! We can't wait to meet her!

Jenny Ruth Yasi said...

Beautiful girl!! Looks like a border collie spaniel mix to me! Retriever swimming girl perhaps??Congrats!! Can't wait to meet her!

KathyF said...

Aww! How sweet. I hope you get to keep her. Hope the other dogs take to her as well.

gooddogz said...

She sure is a gem. Yasi, she moves like and Aussie and has a half stump tail which looks Aussie-ish. She could even be all BC or Aussie, but most likley not. She has a very high toy drive and we were talking about talking her swimming.