Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Speck and Beck Wednesday

Meet Speck. This photo kills me. Hilarious.  It was taken in New Orleans. He was on his way from Mississippi to a GSP breed rescue in Maryland.  If you look close you will see that he has chewed the bra.  Speck is a breast man and he unpacked a suitcase to get to it.  HA! Speck is heartworm positive and is available for adoption.

And here is my best boy Beck walking on sunshine and water at Higgins Beach.  Dog hours are in effect and we can't go off leash anymore unless it is between 7-9 AM.  Higgins is my happy place and one of the best places to take dogs in the universe.  With 3 kids, wonder how long it will be before I get there in the morning? Stay tuned.

I promise to try to blog more.  My middle kid, the one in highschool with all the homework, was home sick for 2 months. She plopped herself down on my computer and I got out of my groove.  Hoping I got my groove back.   

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lawrence said...

Beautiful dog, beautiful scene.