Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sh#t, the Iris are in full bloom

Warning: last post was funny. This one  - not.  Hey, it's my blog and I can whine while I drink wine if I want to.

A friend was feeling down and low about the loss of her wonderful dog two years ago. So what did I do? Sent her a message to try to get her to smile and feel better,  and in less than a minute   I could barely see .  Tears were streaming down my face.  We both had to blow our noses. Ya, I was the big help.

I am feeling blue about Charlee. Big time. All the time. It has been over a year and I am not, nor will I ever be over it.  Don't want to be and don't have  to be.    I got to thinking about Charlee when I tried to get a photo of Beck in front of my Iris that are in full bloom. I used to love them. Cherish them. Now I dread them .Ya, tough middle age lady dreads gorgeous purple flowers.

You know why? This is why. Every year I posed my dogs in front of the Iris and from that I got this wonderful painting . I bartered a  fantastic barter with a talented client.  This painting..I LOVE it.

Yesterday I posed  Beck in front of the flowers. I was going to do Finney to and then both of them together.  But I  didn't make it past Beck. It just made me sad. Sadder than sad.  I think Beck picked up on it. Look at the sweet dog's face.

Thinking about the loss of a pet or a person you loved often takes you down a sad pathway to other  losses.  If there is a way to avoid that, I am not aware so oh goody, I brought more sad to my sad party.

As my Dad has been heard quoting from a piece in the  Boston Globe many moons ago, that he cut out and lovingly  added to my wonderful  Golden Ginger's scrap book ---.  "She was only a dog,  but she was my dog."

Before I need a straight jacket. I am going to bed.  Night all.

Oh wait..I just remembered, I saw the peonies have started to bloom...

Dog in the garden in a blue rubber wig.

Who wouldn't miss this dog?!?!  :))


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