Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Dopamine drippers

Forgive me readers it has been  two weeks since my last blog post.  The end of school year has been hectic,   and I have been really busy with that thing called life.  Today, the first day of summer, is my parent's SIXTIETH wedding anniversary. On this day 60 years ago, my parents  married, and it was a Tuesday. Maybe Tuesday marriages are the secret to success?

 Excuses for not blogging in no particular order. School getting out and all that went with it, kids hogging my computer, parent's anniversary party last weekend, freelance writing projects, and  foster pups!  I placed 3 fosters in the last two weeks and currently have 2 foster siblings right now from Canine Commitment.

Now that school is out, we are  slowing  that life train down just a bit, and making extra time to  cuddle the pups.  Sister's Millie and Maggie are two very sweet pups and I mean sweet sweet sweet sweet. We just got Maggie a few days ago, but Millie has been here for  2 weeks. She has interested parties and will most likely be gone in just a few days.  (sad face!) Millie is a pup who we will all be sad to see go.  We wished that she could stay forever. Not only is she adorable, but she is sweet (redundant--- I know) and clever and cuddly.  She is just about 4 months old. If she was going to stay this size, I don't think we  could have resisted her charms.
I took Millie downtown  Sunday morning to my outdoor brunch training class, and a photographer asked to take my picture for a project he is working on, a hundred strangers in a hundred days.

Isn't she the cutiest?  A friend in training class said that Milie is like having "your own personal dopamine drip." yup.

And having two little sweeties in the house all cuddled and snuggled together, induces a contact high.  Not the trippy, magic mushroom, LSD kind of high, more like a Calgon,  serenity now, peaceful kind of high.

File under , another good reason that you should foster dogs. Free drugs!


melfr said...

I totally get it Nancy. Those type of pups are a pleasure to foster. I am actually kind of jealous. They looks so cuddly that I can almost imagine holding one. Dopamine drip? You got that right!
I'm going to be sad when they go too because I've enjoyed seeing them in pictures and reading about them on FB.

gooddogz said...

They are a pleasure and have not had a single potty accident either. :) Someone will be very lucky to have either as family members. I was happy when their sister went to NH. I am hoping to keep them local so I can keep tabs on them, but you never know. Millie has actually come out of her shell a it and is a rapscallion at times, but so cute being bad.