Sunday, November 28, 2010

Storm Center Dogs - Commercial # 2

Storm Center Dogs commercial number 2 is just about as cute as the first one. All my friends want to know if I have commercials that their dogs can be in and how I got the job of wrangling. The majority of the Storm Center Dogs belong to staff of WCHS6.

I met the WCVB6 creative director when she took her pup Bandit to puppy class. Karen is a first time dog owner, and we got to know each other as I helped her through Bandit's puppy learning curve. I am happy to report that Karen is now officially a newly confirmed "dog person" Bandit is so so so so cute that I had suggested she put him on TV. One night in class we started tossing around ideas, and Storm Center Dogs was born. While I did have a teeny something to do with it, the creativity was all Karen, and I am impressed with her talents. It was my job to keep the dogs on their marks and get them to do what ever behavior it was that they knew how to do. Most of the dogs excelled at being cute and I think we did a pretty good job at extracting that don't you? I also helped the dogs to feel comfortable in the small white room.

The other question that most people ask is how long did it take to make. Dogs started filming at 7:30 AM and we were done with close to 30 dogs before 1. Each dog had about 10 minutes in the room, give or take.

Here is the first spot in case you missed it, or just wish to revisit the cute. It played during the National Dog Show last Thursday. Cool!

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