Friday, November 19, 2010

The Commercial revealed! Channel 6 Weather Center Dogs

 The  commercial that I wrangled was for Channel 6 Storm Center and they will start to air starting this coming Monday. In case you don't live in Maine, or never noticed, the Channel 6 anchors all wear sweaters in bad weather. In the commercial, all the dogs are wearing theirs.

It pretty much speaks for itself --- just a whole lotta cute.

Be sure to watch for my two dogs Finney and Charlee. Charlee has been on borrowed time since 2006, and just a few days before the shoot she suffered yet another bout of panceatitis. I am extra happy with her 5 seconds of frame.

 Finney, just sits there looking good, which is what he does best.

This is a first of a series, and I can't wait to see the others. There were about 25 dogs and all of them will be featured. Most of the dogs belong to staff from Channel 6.



Daisy's Mom said...

OMG! Love! What a great idea for a commercial. And, Charlee just rocks with her rollover. Finn looked handsome in his sweater. What fun! I hope you will share the others as they come out.

KathyF said...

How cute! They must wear sweaters a lot, huh?

Marie said...

That is awesome! I love that they included the dogs names. Can't wait to see the rest. Bravo Nancy!!

Erin and Co. said...

Way way way too cute!