Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Why the dog didn't fetch the shoe - Gooddogz Training tip #1

This is a reenactment Beck is showing you all where I was sitting when I came up with the brilliant idea to ask him to fetch my sneakers.  Sure I could have just reached for them.   Beck has a very good understanding of fetch, bring and deliver to hand. I had never asked him to fetch shoes before.
 "Beck fetch the shoe".

Beck did not fetch the shoe after much asking and pointing, so I picked it up and tried to give it to him.
So I asked him a few more times and the answer was still the same. "NO".
Beck is a very biddable dog when it comes to work, and after all he did want to go out, so he offered up another option that he hoped would get him out the door.

Quoting my daughter.  "The dog has standards. He didn't want to put your stinky feet in his mouth, and he knows where your shoes have been."

This has been a public service for  all dogs from Beck.  The message here is simple.  Sometimes there is a very good reason your dog doesn't want to do what you ask them.  So ask yourself, what can I change to better communicate with my dog and is what I am asking fair.   When I showed Beck that he could fetch laces, and not put his mouth on stinky feet or poop residue he was fine with it. 

Honor the dog.

We have joined the Blog the Change hop.  This is my contribution for dogs.


Jenny Ruth Yasi said...

hahah, looks like the deal is, "take me for a WALK and then I will bring you your foot things!"

Jenny Ruth Yasi said...

Beck is thinking, "I will never understand humans and their feet needs."

Angel The Alien said...

ROFL! That is so cute! My small dog does something weird with shoes (especially Crocs) She drops her little tennis ball into one, and then she sticks her nose inside and runs around, pushing the shoe around with her head, trying to get the ball out! She thinks it is the funnest game ever.

gooddogz said...

Yasi, I wish I had a video of the look of horrors the dog gave me. and Angel, you should get a video of that!

Kim Thomas said...

Love that you chose to highlight this message! Just because we share our homes with our dogs, doesn't make us angels about them. We all could learn to be better and more understanding of them.

Thank you for blogging the change for animals!

Pup Fan said...

Excellent point! Sometimes we need to sit back and think about how we're communicating with our pets and reevaluate how we could do better.