Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Speechless Wednesday

My happy place is under construction .That's not some mumbo jumbo psycho babble. Literally,  my (former) happy place is filled with downed trees, front end loaders, and dump trucks. It even has a port a potty.
Evergreen Woods is walking distance from my house, and for the last 9 and a half years I have snuck off to  hike there with my dogs. Having access to 150 designated off leash acres that were so beautiful, and so accessible was one of the reasons I purchased a home where I did.

My dog Charlee died last month and I have known for many years that one day I would bring her ashes to the fork in the road that led to her favorite stream. The stream that she always lay down in was like a fountain of youth for her. After a quick dip she would out run and out play even the youngest dogs.

It was Charlee's most favorite place to go to on earth,  Just walking past it used to  bring me to tears just thinking about the day that would ultimately come.
When my last dog Dina died it took way to long to figure out what to do with her remains, but  Charlee had made it so clear to me so many times.

It took me a month to make myself go back in the woods without Charlee.  and I was really upset last Sunday afternoon to find the spot I had picked out those many years ago to bury her ashes was under construction.  The actual spot was a  wood chip pile over a story high,  roads had been widened,  and there was a whole new road!  When I called Evergreen first thing Monday morning, and I mean FIRST thing, I was told it was not Evergreen's doing. The city of Portland needed access to sewerage. Ok, I can understand that. It is not like they are putting up a parking lot or rows of ugly prefab homes. Ok, I told myself, at least they are not paving the road, and it is still a bit of a secret.

But the reality is that my special spot is gone.
Nothing stays the same right?

All I can say is that I am glad that I held onto to Charlee's ashes. I can't tell you how glad I am that my dog is not under that big pile of wood chips. At this point, Charlee's ashes may or may not end up at Evergreen, and right now I am content with keeping her in the gorgeous and totally unexpected pottery urn that my vet gave me. Thank you so much Casco Bay Vet!

Jared Charney photo

I have been reflecting for the last few days that maybe it is time to find a new happy place in more ways than one .


Debbie Jacobs said...

I've had two places that I walked routinely with my dogs developed to varying degrees. It feels nasty. It is a good thing Charlee isn't there.

pratchthebratch said...

This land rape makes me both angry and sad. So very sorry.